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Banquets & Parties in Pleasanton


Do you like it when friendly people serve you excellent food and beverages in a wonderful atmosphere while you sit around joking with friends? If so, we recommend that you become a billionaire and hire some servants.

If that doesn’t work out, try booking a festive or business event at Stacey’s. Then convince your boss, or a friend, or a slow-witted relative, to pick up the tab. It’s like being a billionaire, but without the hassle of your heirs always trying to steer you toward risky hobbies.

We created these handy menu packages to make your life easy. But we can customize your meal choices with anything you see here, and some things you don’t. Please ask.

You can reserve a small room, a bigger room, or the entire restaurant. If you like, we can work with you on music, decorations, AV setups, even transportation. For you, we’ll do anything that’s legal, and several things that have a low likelihood of being detected. That’s the kind of people we are.

Which menu level is right for you?


Appetizer Platters

serve 20-25 guests per platter & double platters available.  
Price adjusts accordingly.

Set Lunch Menu Four to choose from or create your own.

Set Dinner Menu
Four to choose from or create your own

Banquet menus are in .PDF format.
Prices do not include Local Sales tax or automatic 20% Gratuity

Banquet Menus are in .PDF Format.  Get Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

To book a private party or a corporate banquet

T: 925-461-3113
F: 925-461-3114

Stacey's cafe
310 Main Street
Pleasanton, California 94566

Banquet & Event Manager: Shelly Brown (925)699-8138