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Salads & Starters
Stacey’s Tomato Bisque Soup…topped with a fresh pesto (This soup is so good it will make you wish you wore nicer clothes.)   Bowl $9.95   Cup $5.95
Spinach Saladfresh baby spinach tossed with molasses vinaigrette, mushroom, red onion, bacon, egg and chevre (This is the same salad Popeye eats to beat up people who joke about how he got those forearms.)  $9.95
Caesar Saladchopped romaine, tossed with our Caesar dressing, garlic croutons and topped with shaved parmesan cheese (Named after the great romaine emperor, Julius Salad.)  $9.95
 Thai Beef Saladsteak, charred rare, served on a bed of mixed greens with cucumber, carrot, peppers, peanuts, shredded cabbage, cilantro and mint, tossed with a Thai style peanut dressing and crispy rice noodles (It’s like being in Thailand without any of the inconvenient parts.)   $16.95
Cobb Saladchopped romaine with rows of grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, tomato, hard boiled egg and crumbled gorgonzola, tossed with either champagne vinaigrette or creamy gorgonzola dressing (The second b in Cobb is silent, but if you hold it up to your ear, sometimes you can hear it.)   $17.95
Stacey’s House Salad…sweet mixed greens, crumbled gorgonzola, dried cranberries, candied walnuts and champagne vinaigrette (It’s called Stacey’s House Salad because Stacey actually lives under a pile of lettuce in Livermore.)  $8.95
Stacey's Delicious Cheese Fries...our house cut fries topped with our creamy three cheese sauce (If you had your stomach stapled to avoid overeating, ask your server for a staple remover.) $8.95

Chipotle Honey Glazed Prawns…marinated prawns with a tropical fruit salsa
(You can either eat the prawns or use them to form a chess set with the rest of the things on the table. Tip: The pepper grinder is the queen.)  $12.95
Antipasto...sliced proscuitto, soppa & cappicolla, aged chevre, gorgonzola, Medditerranean olives, fried artichokes, roasted tomato, candied walnuts, grilled baguette, capers (If you mix antipasto with pasto they will both dissappear. It's called science.) $16.95

Dungeness Crab Cake
with watercress salad, spicy roasted pepper coulis
(You’d be crabby too if you were kept in a dungeness.)  $13.95

Poke Tunafresh sashimi grade ahi, cucumber, sweet onion and avocado with a chili soy Hui sauce (We only serve poke tuna because the fast ones get away.)  $14.95
Savory Spinach & Artichoke Dipa creamy blend of artichoke hearts, spinach, dry aged cheeses served with fresh tortilla chips (If you suspect that you are dining with an unsavory character, feed him this savory appetizer and see if he disappears.)  $9.95
Spicy Fried Calamariserved with house made sweet chili sauce  (If you think it’s easy to write jokes about fried calamari, you’ve probably never tried.)  $11.95
Imported Creamy Goat Cheese & Caramelized Pear Dipserved with toasted crostini and citrus Kalamata olives (We know the goats are imported because they don’t speak English.)  $12.95
 (All Sandwiches served with a choice of house cut french fries, caesar or house salad. Truffle parmesan fries add $2.00)
Half Sandwich... with a half salad (house or caesar) cup of soup or french fries.  (Excludes, Stacey's burger and pastrami sandwich.) (The other halves will be given to people who eat nothing but concepts.)   $10.75
Ahi or Salmon Sandwich... $12.75  EXCLUDES HOT PASTRAMI ON RYE $ STACEY'S BURGER
Stacey’s Veggie Sandwichoven roasted tomato, fresh spinach, provolone cheese, pesto, on grilled ciabatta (A vegetarian diet can make you immortal. If you die while eating this sandwich, we're willing to admit we're wrong!)$11.95

Free Range California Chicken Sandwichgrilled chicken breast, apple-wood smoked bacon, avocado, lettuce, vine ripe tomato and cheddar cheese with chipotle aïoli on a baguette. (We smoke the bacon so you don’t have to.)   $14.95
 Applewood Smoked BLTlettuce, vine ripe tomato, apple-wood smoked bacon and
roasted red pepper aïoli on grilled ciabatta (This sandwich used to include endive, but no one wanted to eat a BELT.)  $13.95  add avocado $1.50

Blackened Salmon Sandwichblackened salmon filet, chipotle aioli, watercress, tomato, on grilled ciabatta (The salmon get this way from sun bathing.) $15.95
Hot Pastrami On Ryeserved with a horseradish aioli, Swiss cheese, caramelized onion, shredded lettuce and tomato (If you can't get your server's attention, remove the pastrami and catch her in the rye) $14.95
Portabella Mushroom Sandwichmarinated and grilled portabella mushroom, oven roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, basil pesto and watercress, served on grilled ciabatta (If our mushrooms make you hallucinate, please inform us immediately so we can overcharge you.) $14.95
Stacey’s Burger Your Waychoice ground beef with our special blend of seasonings, served with lettuce, vine ripe tomato, sweet onion, and our roasted garlic mustard aioli on a Kaiser roll (Please provide your own bun-related witticism here.)   $14.95 add cheddar, gorgonzola, swiss, provolone or avocado for $1.50 per item, add Applewood smoked bacon or grilled onions for $2 per item
Ahi Tuna Sandwichgrilled sashimi grade tuna, fresh watercress, Wasabi mayonnaise, tomato, on grilled ciabatta (It’s pronounced “ah-hee.”. If you ask for “a-high” tuna, that takes about ten minutes longer.)  $16.95
Fettuccine Putanesca...fresh fettuccine, kalamata olives, anchovy, garlic, shallots, crispy capers, chili, virgin lovie oil, and parmesan cheese.  $15.95
Scott’s Favorite Pastasautéedbroccoli, roasted walnuts and oven roasted tomatoes, fresh garlic and herbs, tossed with penne or angel hair pasta and finished with parmesan cheese (This dish might not turn you into a syndicated cartoonist, but whatever you’re doing now probably isn’t working either.)  $14.50
Grilled Natural Salmon Filetstacked potato layered with smoked gouda, pesto drizzle and crispy fried onion strings(It’s the favorite dish of monks. They love their salmon chanting evenings)  $19.95
Fish Tacosfresh fried snapper served on corn tortillas with shredded cabbage, salsa roja and a chipotle cream, with a cumin lime salad (This dish is so excellent that your tongue will try to jump into your stomach to taste it again.) $15.95
Crab Crusted Mahi-Mahichive potato cakes, roasted pepper watercress salad, with a Cajun beurre blanc (If you just met your blind date and blurted out “Oh no!” order this dish to cover your tracks.)  $20.95
Stacey’s Favorite Baked Shells & Cheeseshell pasta mixed with our special three-cheese sauce, fresh tomatoes and peas, topped with an almond bread crumb crust (Stacey puts a little love in each pasta shell. But it’s self-love, so it won’t help you that much.) $13.95
Jambalayaprawns, andouille sausage, chicken, sweet peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and green onions in a spicy tomato cream sauce, served with fresh fettucine or long grain rice (Biblical scholars tell us that this is the same meal that Jesus ate at the last supper. But hey, I’m sure you have a good reason for ordering
something else.) $17.95
Mushroom Carbonarapenne pasta, in cream sauce, procuitto, red onion, sweet peas, button mushrooms, parmesan cheese, black pepper, topped with crispy bacon (If you like delicious flavor more than you like immortality, this is your chance to prove it.)  $16.95
Florentine Ravioli...five cheese and spinach raviolis, grilled gole zucchini, fried, baby spinach, vodka tomato cream sauce and shaved parmesan (If you have a tiny head, and you drint too much, you can use the ravioli as a pillow.)  $16.95 
(Additions: chopped Chicken $4, grilled chicken breast $6, Prawns $9, Salmon or mahi mahi $10, sashimi grade Ahi $12, Edamame $2)

There is a $15.00 corkage fee if you bring your own wine, 2 bottle limit and $25 for a 1.5 L.  The banquet room can be reserved for events and meetings.  A 20% tip will be added to all parties of eight or more, at Stacey’s we pride ourselves on our quality and service and will always appreciate our customer’s feedback so send us an e-mail at We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Eat your vegetables.  Beware of rogue asteroids.   Swimming is excellent exercise.  No smoking.  Stop reading the fine print.